Age of Sinan Ottoman Gallery


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Ottoman Architecture

and the Age of Sinan


The images in this group were taken in September and October 2007 and August and September 2008 during field work examining this and other themes including Seljuk art and architecture, Roman Imperial art and architecture, and Armenian architecture. Although the Ottoman collection offers items from the beginning to the end of the Ottoman period, and in Turkey, Syria, and Egypt, there is a special concentration on the work of Mimar Sinan, the famous sixteenth century court architect of Suleiyman the Magnificent who did so much to create a distinctive and recognizable Ottoman style. Most of his work was built in what is now Turkey, and most of that was built in Istanbul, the Ottoman imperial capital.

Below I present a partial listing of the items in the collection in two groups, the first includes items not by Sinan, the second lists the Sinan buildings in the collection.  You may visit the Gallery pages by clicking on the buttons at the top of this page, where I present representative images of the two groups, the first, under the heading Ottoman Gallery, includes the items not by Sinan, and the second, under the heading, Age of Sinan, present images of his work as it is today. In the Age of Sinan set there are over 1,250 images.




Great Mosque 1541

New Mosque 1998


Alaeddin Mosque 1335, restored 1862

Green Mosque 1419-23

Husnu Zuber House 1860

Koza han 1491

Muradiye Mosque complex 1426

Orhan Gazi Mosque 1339


Mosque of 3 Balconies1447

Old Mosque, 1403


Aya Sophia  532 and later (Converted to a Mosque in 1453, influential in later Ottoman mosque design)

Bayezid II Mosque, 1500-05, Yakub Sah bin Sultan Sah, architect, repaired by Sinan 1573-74

Davudpasha Mosque 1485

Fatih Bufe,

Kimoglu Alipasha Mosque 1735

Sublime Porte

Topkapi Palace compound, 1465-1856

Yildiz Palace and  Upper compound, 1870s-1909

Zeynep Sultan Mosque, 1769, Mehmet Tahir Aga, architect

Sultan Ahmed Mosque (Blue Mosque), 1609-16, Sedefhar Mehmet Aga, architect (student of Sinan)

Eyup Sultan Mosque, 1458, rebuilt after earthquake 18th C

Fatih Mosque, 1463-1471,

built over Church of the Holy Apostles by Atik Sinan, rebuilt after complete destruction in 1771 under Sultan Mustafa III by Mimat Mehmet Tahir

Firuz Aca Mosque

Mosque of Selim I, 1522, Alaudin, Acem Ali

Murat Pasha Mosque, 1570

New Mosque, 1597- 1665, Davout Aga, Dalgic Ahmed Cavus, , Mustafa Aga

Nuruosmaniye Mosque, 1749 -1755, Nustafa Aga, Simon Kalfa

Nusretiye Mosque, 1823-26, Sultan Mahmut II, Krikor Balyan

Tiled mosque, 1640

Tomb of Sultan Mahmut II 1839

Tulip Mosque, 1760-63, Sultan Mustafa III, Mehmet Tahir Aga

Yeni Valide Mosque, 1708-10 

Dolmabahce Palace, 1843-1856, Sultan Abdulmecid I, Garabet Balyan, Nigogayos Baylan

Dolmabahce Mosque, 1855, Sultan Abdulmecid I, Garabet Balyon

Hydarpasa Ferry

Hydarpasa Station, 1906-08, Otto Ritter, Helmut Cuna, Gift of Kaiser Wilhelm II

Sirkeci Station, 1888-90, August Jachmund

Besiktas Ferry 

Tophane Fountain, 1732, Mehmet Aga

Fountain of Ahmet III at Topkapi, 18th C


Selimiye Mosque, 1558-67



Al-Saffahiyah Mosque

Beit al-Ajiqbash


Al Ajami Mosque

Al-A’diyyaa Madrasa

Al-Safarjalany Mosque

Azem Palace, 1750

Bab Sharqi

Beit al Aqqad (Danish Institute), 15th C and later, restored 1996-2000

Beit al-Dadah

Beit al-Mamlouka, 16th-18th C, restored

Beit al Sibai

Beit Jabri

Beit Nizam

Hijaz Train Station, 1913

Khan Assad Pasha

Madrasa Abdullah Basha al Azem

Mosque al Qaimariye

Mosque of Sinan Pasha

Societe des Eux Fijeh


Azem Palace, 1742



Mosque of Sabil Mohammed Ali Pasha, 1820

Mosque of Mohammed Ali, 1830-57, Yusuf Bushnak, architect

Mosque of Suleiman Pasha, 1528


Sinan Buildings



12        Haseki Hurrem Sultan complex, 1539-40

1          Hayrettin Pasha Tomb, 1541-42

50        Sehzade (Prince’s) Mosque, 1545-48

50        Iskele Mosque (Mihrimah Sultan Mosque, Uskudar), 1547-48

15        Hadim Ibrahim Pasa Mosque 1550-51

250      Suleiymania Complex, 1550-57, tomb 1567, tomb of Roxlanna, 1558

5          Sinan Pasha Mosque, 1553-58

35        Kara (Gazi) Ahmet Pasa Mosque, 1554

8          Baths of Roxlana (Haseki Hurrem Hammam), 1556-57

40        Azap Kapi Mosque, 1557-8

50        Rustem Pasha Mosque, 1561-62

15        Molla Celebi Mosque 1562

7         Yavuz Sultan Selim Medrasa, 1562-63

40        Mihrimah Mosque, 1562-65

35        Atik Valide Mosque, 1570-82

40        Sokollu Mehmet Pasa Mosque, 1571-72

5          Mimar Sinan Mescid, 1573-4

40        Zal Mahmut Pasa Mosque, 1575-81

10        Semsi Pasha Mosque, 1580

30        Kilic Ali Pasa Mosque, 1580-81

3          Sinan Tomb, 1588


20        Cenab Ahmet Mosque, 1565-66


40        Behram Pasha Mosque, 1572


200       Selimaye Mosque

5           Rustem Pasha Caravanserai, 1560-61


40        Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque, 1562


40        Haci Ahmed Pasha Mosque, 1585-86


20        Kose Husrev Pasha Mosque 1567-68



12        Khosrofiye Mosque, 1546-47

20        Adliye Mosque, 1565-6


75        Tekkiye Mosque complex, 1544-67