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Spain: From Cesar to Carlos III

The following images are a few of over 500 catalogued images of Spain now available by license with complete metadata. They have been  scanned from my slide collection 

of many thousands of images of Spanish art and architecture. The scanning was done using a flat bed scanner and an oil immersion process to obtain highest quality.

The remaining balance of the slide collection is in the process of being scanned, and any images available on slide can be custom scanned

on short notice where necessary. See the catalogues for the slides by selecting the Slides Europe link to the left of this text, for a more general listing select

Slides Summary. These catalogued images already scanned are immediately available in tiff format.

For the purpose of display here I have converted the tiffs to jpeg format at reduced resolution. This randomly arranged display is intended only to suggest

the scope and quality of the images available in the larger collection provided as full size and full resolution tiffs.

I created this collection to provide some foundation resources for teaching Ibero-American art and architectural history. Since my field was contact period,

I was especially focused on buildings and art objects that would have been visible in the early 16th century. These would include survivals from the time of

Imperial Roman rule, the Visigothic kings, the period of the Christian Kingdoms of the Reconquista, and the Romanesque and the Gothic eras. I was especially

interested in examples of the so-called Plateresque style of Renaissance Spain. I also made a point of photographing religious art of all periods. However I

also included items that demonstrate the influence in Spain of contact with the New World and other items of interest through the end of the 18th century..

I also offer a separate collection of Islamic art and architecture of Spain that you may see by using the link to Islamic Art and Architecture to the left of this text.


You may click on any of these images to view them at a larger size. Use the "Back" button on your browser to return here.

These images are protected by copyright and may not be copied for any purpose by any means without prior permission.

You may contact drkiracofe@interamericaninstitute.org to request permission and license information.