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Romanesque Art and Architecture

In the summer of 1989 I participated in a Travelling Seminar organized by Syracuse University Department of Programs Abroad and taught by the late William Melczer. Since then I have returned often  to the Pilgrimage routes through France and Spain to continue photographing the many Romanesque monuments along the way. Lately (September 2009), I travelled to Sicily to document Arab-Norman architecture of the 12th  century including the Cathedral and cloister at Monreale, outside of Palermo. Cataloguing the images from the cloister at Monreale I was reminded of other cloisters I have visited, and I decided to begin the process of digitizing the examples of Romanesque architecture in my slide collection from years past. In the process of preparing this set I came upon the useful map below and include it here for easy reference. The scanning is now complete for the items in France, and the images are available for license and are offerred with complete metadata in NEF, Tiff, or jpeg format. Please see the representative images I have posted on the Gallery page that you may visit by clicking on the brown Gallery of Images button above, at the top of this page.  I list the French Romanesque sites in my collection below. For France they are grouped alphabetically region by region, with the number of images indicated for each site. In the near future I will scan the slides of Romanesque sites in Spain, many of which are listed after the French sets itemized below. Also available for license are the images of Arab-Norman architecture of 12th century Sicily, including especially the Cathedral of Monreale and its clositer. To see examples of these images please click on the hyperlink  titled Norman Sicily in the column to the left of this text.

Field work in 2010 has provided additional images as noted below, examples of which may be seen by going to the France 2010 gallery page by clicking on the button at the top of the Gallery of Images page reached by clicking on the brown button at the top of this page.





5                      Povrins, St. Quiriace, Interior, exterior



14                    Anzy le Duc, Sainte-Trinité d’, exterior, tympanum, landscape

22                    Autun, St. Lazare, Interior, Exterior

5                      Chapaize, St. Martin de Chapaize, exterior, village

14                    La Charite sur Loire, interior, exterior

29                    Charlieu, Abbaye de St. Fortunatus, exterior, cloister, façade

37                    Cluny, Abbey Church  Interior, Exterior, Museum

7                      Germigny des Pres, Interior, Exterior

29                    Fontenay, Cistercian Abbey,  Interior, Exterior

8                      Laives, St. Martin de Laives, Abbey before 1142, exterior and site

14                    Paray le Monial,  Sacre Coeur Church, interior and exterior

28                    Perrecy les Forges, Priory Church, inside and outside

34                    St. Benoit sur Loire, Interior, Exterior

2                      St. Julien de Jonzy, Church of St. Julien, Tympanum

31                    Semur en Brionnais, Church of St. Hilaire, inside and outside

 19                   Tournus, Abbaye de St. Philibert,  Interior, Exterior

4                      Varenne l’ Arconce, St Pierre aux Liens, general views

8                      Vezelay, former Abbey, Basicilica of Mary Magdalene, Interior, Exterior


Perigord (Dordogne)

57                    Beaulieu, Church of St. Pierre, interior, exterior, North Porch and tympanum in detail village

33                    Carennac, Church of St. Pierre, Tympanum, cloister, town

18                    Creysse, Church, exterior

6                      Perigeux, Cathedral St. Front, exterior


Poitou (Poitou-Charentes)

22                    Angoulême, Cathedral of St. Pierre, exterior

28                    Poitiers, Notre Dame le Grande, exterior, façade in detail

20                    Surgères, Notre Dame de Surgères, exterior, façade details


Saintonge (Charente Maritime)

21                    Corme Royal, exterior facade in detail

5                      Saintes, (former) Cathedral of St. Pierre, exterior (Romanesque portion)

18                    Saintes, Abbaye aux Dammes, exterior

8                      Sablonceaux, Abbey, interior, exterior, landscape

8                      Talmont sur Gironde, exterior

6                      Thaims, Church of St. Pierre-en-Liens de Thaims, exterior

14                    Retaud, Saint Trojan de Retaud, exterior



Gascony (Midi-Pyrenees)

84                    Conques, Abbey Church of St. Foy, façade in detail, interior, landscapes

58                    Moissac, Abbaye de St. Pierre, Façade in detail, Cloister in detail, church art

20                    Oloron, Church of St. Mary, porch sculpture, tympanum

6                      Hospital St. Blaise, Pilgrim Church exterior views, tympanum


Provence & Languedoc

53                    Aix en Provence, Cathedral of St. Sauveur, Cloister in detail, Baptistery

4                      Arles, Les Alyscamps

138                  Arles, St. Trophime, Façade in close detail, Nave, Cloister

21                    Arles, Montmajour Abbey, interior, exterior, landscape

10                    Avallon, St Lazare Cathedral, exterior

41                    Elne, Cathedral of Sainte Eulalie et Sainte Julie d’Elne, cloister, façade

10                    Riez, Baptistery, interior

18                    St. Gilles du Gard, Façade

14                    St. Guilhem le Desert, Interior and exterior, surrounding countryside

3                      Les Saintes-Maries de la Mer, Church, exterior

12                    Tarascon vicinity, Chapelle St. Gabriel, exterior views

31                    Le Thoronet, Cistercian Abbey, Interior and exterior views

13                    Toulouse, St. Sernin Cathedral, interior, exterior

23                    Toulouse, Musée des Augustines, sculpture on display


1,128               Total


France 2010 field work:

            Abbey Church of St. Georges de Boscherville (40 images)

                        Inside and outside, 1113 

            Abbaye aux Hommes, Caen (25 images)

Inside and outside, 1066 site of tomb of William the Conqueror 

            Abbaye aux Dames, Caen (25 images)

                        Inside and outside, 1062 , 1115, tomb of Queen Mathilda 

            Abbey Church of St. Foy, Conques (100 images)

Inside and outside, 1120 completion, tympanum in extenso and in detail, exterior and interior

Abbey Church of St. Savin de Gartempe, (50 images)

inside and outside, context, 11th & 12th C mural painting in extenso  

            Abbey Church of St. Marie de Souillac (40 images)

                        Inside and outside, 11th C sculpture, Isaiah 

            Abbey Church of St. Pierre, Beaulieu-sur-Dordogne (75 images)

                         Inside and out, c. 1140, South Portal in extenso and in detail  

             Chapel of the Penitents, Beaulieu-sur-Dordogne (10 images)

                        Inside and outside, c. 1280, inside and out 

            Collegiate Church of St. Pierre of le Dorat, (40 images)

inside and outside, context, 11th C Romanesque sculpture, Carolingian Baptismal Font 

            Priory Church of  St. Pierre, Carennac (40 images)

                        Inside and outside, 11th C. Cluniac Priory, Tympanum and sculpture




Leyre, Monastery, Exterior, interior, crypt

Jacca, Cathedral, Exterior, Museum

San Juan de la Pena, Monastery, cloister, general views

Estella, San Pedro de la Rua, Portal, Santo Sepulchro, Palace of Kings of Navarre

San Millan de la Cogolla, Monastery, Library, Reliquaries

Santo Domingo de Silos, Cloister and Village

Leon, Cathedral, Facades, cloister

Leon, Church of San Isidro, Exterior, Interior

O Cebreiro, Village and Village Church, art

Puenta la Reina

Santiago de Compostela, exterior, interior, town

 Avila, San Vincente, Porch and portal, general views, Cathedral

Santillana del Mar, Collegiate Church of Santa Juliana, (formerly Augustinian convento after departure of Benedictines)

Salamanca, Old Cathedral, Interior, exterior