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North Africa

Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt

In January and February 2006 I traveled through Morocco and Tunisia to photograph examples of the development of Islamic architecture from the earliest examples through the most modern monuments as well as surviving examples of the previous civilizations, Punic, Roman, and Byzantine. These slides, digital images and digital scans of the slides are currently available. They have been catalogued with complete meta data in spreadsheet format.

In January 2008 I traveled to Cairo to photograph Fatimid and Mamluk art and architecture in the old city as well as Christian architecture in the Coptic Quarter.  Upon concluding the work in Cairo I travelled by night train to Luxor for a trip up the Nile, visiting the principal Pharonic monuments. The examples of Islamic art and architecture may be seen by following the link below or at left to Islamic Art and Architecture, the Pharonic sites may be seen by following the link at left to Ancient Egypt.

In September 2010 I travelled to Libya and Algeria to photograph Islamic art and architecture and the ancient cities of Cyrene, Appolinia, Leptis Magna, Sabratha, and Ptolemais in Libya and Timgad and Djemila in Algeria. Examples of these images and of the related museum collections may be found by following the link at left to Roman Empire. While in Tripoli I also documented several historically significant mosques in the old city and along the coast.  In Algiers I documented the Casbah, including several significant Ottoman palaces, as well as French Colonial architecture in the port and downtown districts, in Tlemcen I visited the Great Mosque and the Mosque of Sidi Boumedienne, while in Constantine I documented the Mosque of Sheik Abdelkader, the third largest mosque in the world.  Examples of the images of these mosques in Libya and Algeria  may be found by following the link at left or below to Islamic Art and Architecture.

North African Sites include:


Rabat, Meknes, Fez, Volubilis, Marrakech, Ouarzazate, Essouaira, Casablanca, Assilah, Tangier, Chefchaouen, Tetuan, and Larache


Tunis, Dougga, Kairouan, Testour, Thuburbo Majus, Sousse, El Jem, Sfax, Tatouine, Utica, and Carthage, among others


Cairo, Giza, Dendara, Abydos, Hatshepsut Temple, Luxor, Karnak, Ramasseum, Edfu, Esna, Kom Ombo, and Philae


Cyrene, Appolinia, Leptis Magna, Sabratha, and Ptolemais, Tripoli,


Timgad,  Djemila, Tlemcen, Algiers, Constantine


For examples of specifically Islamic art and architecture of North Africa, please use the navigation button on the left to go to the Islamic Art and Architecture page.

For examples of specifically Roman Imperial art and architecture of North Africa, please use the navigation button on the left to go to the Roman Empire page.

For examples of specifically Pharonic Art and Architecture, please use the navigation button on the left to go to the Ancient Egypt page

Gallery of Images


I reserve all rights to the following images.  They are provided free of charge for educational purposes here, and may be freely accessed for viewing within the context of this website for educational purposes. However, these images are protected by copyright law and may not be copied for any purpose by any means without prior permission. The original slides, or high resolution scans via e-mail are available for academic use to interested scholars upon inquiry at 


I have provided a small group representative images here. A complete set of images from these sites, either from original digital photography or slide duplicates (both formats were used in the original work) or scans of the original slide images together with metadata in spreadsheet format,  is also available, for a fee, to accredited institutions for on campus educational use.

Complete catalogues are available upon request.

Because the images presented here are intended only as samples they have been reduced in size and pixel count from the originals. However you may click on any of the thumbnails below to view them at 22% of original size. Use the Back button on your browser to return to thumbnail. Full size high resolution images are available.


Islamic Art and Architecture In North Africa

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Roman Art in Africa

(see also Roman Empire page for more)








Thuburbo Majus

El Jem





Libya (coming soon Oct 2010)

Leptis Magna





Traditional Architecture and Street Scenes




Ait Ben Haloud

Dades Valley






Algiers, Casbah

Algiers, the French city