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Ancient Persia:




                                                                                   on a site chosen by cyrus the great

             work Began in 515 BC by command of Darius king of kings and was completed by his son Xerxes 30 years later

                                                 In 330 BC The site was pillaged and burned by Alexander the Great






                                            I took over 1,000 images on 6 november 2008, over 500 are available for license

                                              including some of the objects of art in the museum on site and including

                                                                     the nearby Royal necropolis at Nakshi Rostam.


I reserve all rights to the images on this page.  They are provided free of charge for educational purposes here in reduced size and quality, and may be freely accessed for viewing within the context of this website for educational purposes.

However, these images are protected by copyright law and may not be copied for any purpose by any means without prior permission. These images are available, for educational purposes, in high resolution digital format  for academic

use to interested scholars and institutions upon inquiry at drkiracofe@interamericaninstitute.org




















Roman Emperor Philip the Arab (244-249) kneels before Shapur 1 (240-270) Great King of Persia, asking for terms of peace,

           Behind him Roman Emperor Valerian (253-260) whom Shapur captured in 260 and held prisoner for life

                                                       Rock carving at Royal necropolis of Nakshi Rostam