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Shaker Art and Architecture

This set will include all the major surviving Shaker communities, beginning with the

Hancock Village, Massachusetts, and New Lebanon, New York sites. In progress are

Sabbathday Lake, Maine; Canterbury Village and Enfield, New Hampshire;

Pleasant Hill and South Union communities in Kentucky, 




I reserve all rights to the following images.  These samples are provided  in greatly reduced size and quality  as examples of a much larger set of over  2,000 images.  These samples may be freely accessed for viewing within the context of this website for educational purposes. However, these images are protected by copyright law and may not be copied for any purpose by any means without prior permission. These images are available for perpetual license with a one time fee, for educational purposes, in high resolution digital format with complete metadata for academic use to interested scholars and institutions upon inquiry at  drkiracofe@interamericaninstitute.org

These images are presented in no particular order, but are simply arranged to provide examples of the quality and variety of the images in the complete set.


Hancock Village 500 + images