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Islamic Art and Architecture

in Africa, Asia, and Europe

The Institute began a project in 2005 to create a comprehensive database of digital visual resources for teaching Islamic cultural history. The following collections of images have been created specifically for educational purposes, both in the classroom and for advanced research. Comprehensive treatment of the buildings and artifacts provides the necessary visual components for teaching applications from broad survey lecture courses to more focused, in depth seminars and independent graduate research. These images are only available for educational purposes, and only to accredited institutions, faculty and students, and only for on campus, non-commercial use.

On this page you will find an itemized listing of the results of photographic expeditions conducted in 2006 in Morocco and Tunisia,  2007 in Turkey, in 2008 in Egypt, and in 2010 in Libya and Algeria.  

On the page titled "Islam in Asia 2008,"  reached by clicking on the Islam in Asia 2008 button at the top of this page, you will find a listing of the sites visited during the fall 2008 expedition through Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan in Central Asia, Turkey, Iran, Syria, Jordan, Palestine and Israel in the Middle and Near East.

Examples of the images from all of these sets may be seen at the page titled Islamic Gallery, reached by clicking on the button at the top of this page. 

Earlier field work during the 1990s produced an extensive documentation of Islamic art and architecture in Spain, now also available in digital format. Examples of these may be seen here:  Islamic and Mudejar Art and Architecture in Spain

In 2009 Arab Norman Art and Architecture of Sicily was added to the collection. Use the link to Norman Sicily on the left of this page to see the itemization and examples of these images.


Complete metadata in excel spreadsheets is available with all of these image sets. The spreadsheet catalogues are available upon request to those with further interest. Perpetual Site license agreements for educational institutions are available. Please contact for further details.


Islamic Art and Architecture of North Africa, Turkey, and Spain

Spain 1991-2000

Cordoba: Great Mosque of Cordoba, Medina al Zahara

Granada: Alhambra

Zaragosa: Aljaferia Palace

Seville: Alcazar

 Morocco 2006


            Mosque of Hassan II,  Ville Nouvelle Street scenes, Colonial, deco and later


            Medina Street scenes, panoramic views, Great Mosque, Casbah, Spanish Mosque and views over city, Museum


            Panoramic views over city,  Port and Fort,  Street scenes, souks


            Panoramic views over city, Medina, street scenes, souks, Zaouia of Moulay Idriss II,  Bou Inania Medersa

            Bab Bou Jaloud,  Er Risif Mosque, Es Sahrij Medersa, Al Andalous Mosque, Karaouiyine Mosque

            El Attarine Medersa,  Fondouk el-Nejjarine,  Royal palace, Fez al Jedid, Red mosque,  Mellah, synagogue

            Bab Ftouh


            Bab Mansour,  Mausoleum Moulay Ismail, Bou Inania Madersa,  Great Mosque,  Medina, street scenes, souks


            Koutoubia Mosque, Ben Youssef Madersa,  Koubba al Aydin,  Zaouia Sidi Ben Slimane al Jazzouli,  Bab Taghzout and souk

            Zaouia Sid Bel Abbes,  Bahia palace,  El Badi palace, Kasbah Mosque,  Bab Agnou, Saadian Tombs,  Private residences,  Museums


            Kasbah of Glaoui,  Dades Valley Mud brick architecture, Ghesset Kasbah,  Ait Benhaddou Kasbah,

            Skoura Oasis, Kasbah,  Tourjdal,  Atlas villages


            Kasbah, Kasbah Gate (Bab Oudaia),  Kasbah Mosque, (Al Aitka) inside and out,  Street scenes and long views to Sale,

            Mausoleum of Mohammed V,  Mosque of Hassan,  El Souna Mosque,  Great Mosque,  Chella and mosque complex,

            Street scenes, souks, Archaeology museum,  Architecture of the 20th century, Ville Nouvelle, Colonial and beyond


            Madersa Abu l-Hassan,  Great Mosque,  Bab Mrisa,   Street Scenes,  Long views to Rabat Kasbah over water


            Great Mosque, Kasbah, Kasbah Mosque, Street scenes, Nouvelle Ville, Colonial and beyond


            Zaouia Sidi Ali Baraka,  Erzini Mosque,  Medina, street scenes,  Great Mosque,  Private residences

            Tannery, Panoramic views, Ville Nouvelle, Colonial and beyond,     Museums


            Friday Mosque


Tunisia 2006


Great mosque of Tunis, rebuilt 856-863, Three Medersas, Mosque of Sidi Mahrez, 1675, Medina street scenes and souks

Dar el Bey, Tourbet el Bey, Kasbah Mosque, Ksar Mosque, Medrassas, Hammoud pasha mosque, 1655,

Youssef Dey Mosque, 1616, Souks, Museums, palaces, public plazas, Ville Nouvelle, street scenes, Colonial,

Art Nouveau, Deco and beyond


Great Mosque, 875-902 and later, Minaret, 730 and later, Mosque of 3 Doors, 866, Zaouia Sidi el Ghariana

Medina, street scenes and souks, Cisterns, Panoramic views over great mosque and city


Ribat, 796 and later, Mausoleum of Bourguiba


Medina, street scenes, souks, city walls and gates, Kasbah, Great Mosque, Nouvelle Ville, Colonial, Art Nouveau and beyond


Great Mosque, 850, Ribat, Medina, mosques, shrines, Private residence museum, Street scenes, panoramic views over city and port

Nouvelle Ville, Colonial, Art Deco and beyond

Tatouine area:

            Chenini, Douriet, Ksar el Ferch,  Ksar Ouled Debbab,  Ksar Ouled Sultane,


            Andalusian mosque

Turkey 2007

Seljuk Origins and the Ottoman Tradition,

See Also Islam in Asia 09 for additional Sinan buildings, Seljuk and Armenian art and architecture by clicking on the button at the top of this page

See Also Ottoman Architecture, by clicking on the link on the left side of the top of this page

 Istanbul, Sinan Buildings

Cafer Aga Courtyard  Baths of Roxlana, Mihrimih Mosque, Rustem Pasa Mosque, Suleymaniye Mosque , Prince’s Mosque, Gazi Ahmet Pasa Mosque,

Sokollu Mehmet Pasa Mosque,  Azap Kapi Mosque, Semsi Pasa Mosque, Iskele Mosque, Azap Kapi Mosque, Kilic Ali Pasa Mosque, Zal Mahmut Pasa Mosque,

Atik Valide Mosque, Zal Mahmut Pasa Mosque

  Istanbul, other buildings

                Topkapi Palace Museum and surrounding area, Fountain of Ahmet III, 19th century Ottoman houses, Blue Mosque, Haghia Sophia, Kalenderhane Mosque,

                Tulip Mosque, Forum of Theodosius, Nuruosmanieye Mosque, Mahmut Pasa Mosque, Atik Ali Pasa Mosque, Grand Bazaar, Galata Tower and views over city,

Nusretiye Mosque, Mosque of Selim I, Fatih Mosque, Yedikule Fortress, Eyup Sultan Mosque, Dolmabahce Mosque, Dolmabahce palace, Yeni Valide Mosque

Tiled Mosque


Mosque of 3 Balconies, Old mosque, Selimiye Mosque, Sinan’s masterpiece, Rustem Pasha Caravansarai (Sinan)


Grand Mosque, Green Mosque, Museum,  And other examples of ceramic tradition


Museum of Turkish and Islamic arts, The Green Mosque, Great mosque, Market area, hans, Muradiye Mosque Complex and Tombs, Orthan Gazi Mosque, tomb;

Street scenes, panoramic views


Mosques in the Old City, Street scenes, Museums


Sabanaci Central Mosque (completed 1998) Largest Mosque in Turkey,  Great Mosque (Completed 1541), Roman Bridge


Mevlana Museum,  Archaeology Museum, Sultan Selim Mosque, other historic madrasas and mosques


Mosques of the Old City

  Egypt 2008

Cairo,  Umayyad, Fatimid, Mamluk, Ottoman

Khan al-Khalili, 1382, Bazaar, Mosque of Sayyidna al-Hussein, 1870 (outside only), Mosque of al-Azhar, 970

Beit Zeinab Khatoun 1486 (restored 1990s) and Beit al-Harawi, 1731, private houses, Wikala of al-Ghouri,

Al-Ghouri Complex, 1505, late Mamluk tomb, madersa, mosque,  Bein al-Qasreen, monumental street,

          Madrassa and Mausoleum of Sultan Qalawun, 1279, Madrassa and Mausoleum of Sultan an-Nasr Mohammed, 1299-1304

          Madrassa of Sultan Baruq, 1384-1386, Qasr Beshtak, palace, 1334, Sabil-Kuttab of Abdel Katkhuda, 1744,

Mosque of al Aqmar, 1125, Beit as-Suhaymi, 1648 and 1796, private residence, Mosque of al-Hakim, 997-1021,

Northern walls and Gates, 1087, Mosque of Qaitbey, 1474, Bab Zuweila, southern gate, late 11th century,

Mosque of Sultan al Muayyad, 1415, Mosque of as-Salih Talai, 1160,  The Citadel, 1176 and onward,

Mosque of an-Nasr Mohammed, 1318-1335, Mosque of Suleiman Pasha, 1528, Mohammed Ali Mosque,

1830-1848, Ottoman style Mosque of Sultan Hassan; 1356-63 Mosque of ar-Rifai, 1819-1912

Sabil-Kuttab of Qaitbey, 15th century (closed to public) western façade marble inlay

Mosque of Sheikhu, 14th century, Khanqah of Sheikhu, 14th century, Sufi hostel,  Mosque of Ibn Tulun, 876-879

New Gourna

        New planned town, social experiment by Hassan Fathy, 1948



                        Jamahiriya Museum (National museum of archaeology, art and culture) all major elements of the collection

                        Souks and Street Scenes, Skyline looking toward port

                        Arch of Marcus Aurelius, 164 AD

                        Mosque of Ahmed Pasha Karamanli, 1730

                        Mosque of Mustapha Gurgi, 19th C.






                        Kasbah, with street scenes and details of urban fabric


Dar Aziza Bent el-Bey,  

small residence built by the Dey of Constantine for his daughter, now used as administrative offices, interiors and exteriors photographed


Dar Khadoudj el Amia,

now  the Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions, Ottoman period town house, interiors photographed for architecture, not museum collection


                        Djemaa El-Djedid

New Mosque, 1660, also called the Pecherie Mosque, near the old port. Exterior only.




                        Grand Mosque

                                    1091 and later, comprehensive, inside and outside, urban context



                                    1145 and later, exterior views (mosque closed for restoration)


                        Mosque and Tomb of Sidi Boumedienne

1197 and later, mosque built by Abou el-Hassan in 1328, all photographed in extenso inside and out, as well as 1347 madrasa now under restoration



Military camp begun in 1299, with mosque rebuilt in 1335, now mostly ruined, the minaret currently undergoing restoration, photographed comprehensively and from above on the escarpment behind the site.





                        Palace of Ahmed Bey

1826 – 1835, Ottoman era urban palace for the local ruler, recently restored as a cultural center, interior and exterior architecture photographed, not the collections or exhibitions.


                        Mosque of Abdelkader

Said to be the third largest mosque after the Mosque of Hassan II in Casablanca. The project began in 1968 and was completed in 1994. The facility also includes a madrasa and an Islamic University. Comprehensive coverage of interior and exterior.