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The Age of Sinan

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As always, each building is treated individually as appropriate, beginning with general views to establish context and moving closer and closer through the exterior and interiors, with attention to situation, massing, daylighting, surface treatments, and details, with extra attention to special distinguishing features such as the use of ornamental ceramics, stone carving, or hand wrought hardware.

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Aleppo, Khosrofiye Mosque, 1546-47


Damascus, Tekkiye Mosque complex, 1544-67

Istanbul, Azap Kapi Mosque, 1557-8


Istanbul, Kara (Gazi) Ahmet Pasa Mosque, 1554


Istanbul, Iskele Mosque (Mihrimah Sultan Mosque, Uskudar), 1547-48


Erzurum, Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque, 1562

Edirne, Selimaye Mosque, 1574-75




Diyarbakir, Behram Pasha Mosque, 1572


Sehzade (Prince’s) Mosque, 1545-48

Istanbul, Rustem Pasha Mosque, 1561-62

Istanbul, Mihrimah Mosque, 1562-65

Istanbul, Kilic Ali Pasa Mosque, 1580-81

Istanbul, Suleiymania Complex, 1550-57, tomb 1567, tomb of Roxlanna, 1558

Istanbul, Sokollu Mehmet Pasa Mosque, 1571-72

Istanbul, Zal Mahmut Pasa Mosque, 1575-81

Van, Kose Husrev Pasha Mosque 1567-68