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Imperial Rome


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Gallery of the Emperors

The Emperor Claudius as Jupiter

Julio-Claudian dynasty


Augustus 27BC-14AD                              Tiberius 14-37                                Claudius 41-54         Nero 54-68                  


Flavian Dynasty


Vespasian 69-79                    Titus 79-81                  Domitian 81-96


Nervan-Antonian Dynasty



Nerva 96-98                  Trajan 98-117                                   Hadrian 117-138                                        Antoninus Pius 136-161            Lucius Verus 161-169


Marcus Aurelius 161-180                           Commodus 176-192


Severan Dynasty


    Septimius Severus 193-211      Caracalla 211-217              Geta 209-211                Marcinus 217-218        Elagobalus 218-222            Alexander Severus 222-235


Some other Sculptures



Some Imperial buildings in Rome